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Customer relationships and problem-solving are the cornerstones of our shared success.

Over the past 13 months, Strata Innovative Solutions has on-premises technical support alongside professional automation services to one of WestRock’s BOD (Box on Demand) plant sites. Strata has supported WestRock in overcoming operational issues to minimize downtime, increase production, and ensure the quality of their business by-product. Our strategic management of services and the bolstered teamwork between personnel have transformed this customer-provider relationship into a formidable stronghold.

Our team completed thirty-one projects, including monthly Time and Material services. The eighteen contract jobs include exciting electrical and automation support efforts shared between WestR and Strata. Some success stories include:

  1. EVOL Installation: Strata was awarded the opportunity to install and provide technical and programming support for an EVOL box-making machine, allowing WestRock to create e-commerce boxes for the growing urban region economically. This significant undertaking encompassed more than 1200

     person-hours for installing, programming, and testing the equipment.

  2. Corrugator modifications: Strata aided WestRock with their corrugator equipment which is necessary for creating cardboard to make e-commerce boxes. Upgrades to wiring, process flow, and controls were required for this project as more than half of Strata’s time was focused on programming. These crucial projects quickly improve efficiencies on the plant floor as WestRock’s production grows.
  3. Maintenance room upgrades: Facility management shared a need to provide their hard-working maintenance staff with an improved office area, allowing them a clearer sight of facility equipment. Strata aided WestRock with additional power and re-wiring of the office to include supplementary screens and computers. This setup helps the maintenance team with a virtual view of equipment parameters, improving reaction times and decisions towards equipment maintenance.

Your Success is Our Success

Continued focus on the relationships we share and problems we solve with our customers is a cornerstone of the efforts displayed by Strata employees and management. The digital transformation and improved graded metrics that our customers find critical are only possible through our team’s expert integration skills.

We are here to improve your KPI’s and, together, we can show you the actual value of the partnership. Contact our programming and automation professionals today.  

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