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Engineering Solutions

Strata Innovative Solution’s team of engineering experts provides a range of services to help you maintain, upgrade or optimize your process. We leverage Industry 4.0 Principles to deliver key integration technologies and connected solutions that scale across your organization. Our engineering teams bring a deep understanding of the process, agile engineering, and systems integration that speeds your efficiencies and reduces costs. Strata’s advanced capabilities offer our customers unique advantages from edge to cloud across different departments and industries. The capacity to make confident decisions begins at data collection across platforms – Strata harnesses Big Data enabling your organization to report and share business intelligence with an on-premise or Cloud BI System that transforms data into actionable information and delivers it at scale to the people who need it – anytime and anywhere – while keeping cybersecurity at the forefront.

Our customers appreciate the convenience that mobility brings to daily operations management. Whether you are manufacturing products, producing or transporting energy, delivering technology solutions, or wanting to empower multiple lines of business, having access to enterprise information anywhere at any time has become a big part of doing business.

We specialize in:
  • System Integration and Data Acquisition
  • Creating comprehensive custom functions and connectors across any part of the Automation Stack or your MES or ERP System
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Mobility – building and launching low code or no-code applications within your lines of business; develop custom apps and tools to extend new or legacy system capabilities; integrating mobile solutions across multiple industries

Regardless of the scale of the project, Strata Innovative Solutions can support your requirements and deliver results that meet project specifications and are on time and budget.

Our multiple disciplines include:
  • Process Environments
  • Operations
  • Automation & Process Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification/Validation
  • Data Management
  • System/MES integration

Our Capabilities Include

Delivering SCADA, MES, and ERP Integration Solutions that integrate IT and OT Infrastructures

Creating Enterprise Ecosystems that allow for unlimited scalability and offering powerful Enterprise Administration Tools

Offering large scale Industrial Data Collection Solutions that are affordable and reliable while maintaining data transferring efficiencies across your digital ecosystem

Ensuring Data and IT/OT Convergence leverages the latest encryption and security protocols and technologies

Enabling growth with Open and Secure Technologies for your enterprise at every level of the Automation Stack with support for SQL, OPC, and REST Web Services or Custom Applications

Electrical installations for low-voltage systems; primary and backup generators; and solar and utility powered operations

Solar systems or Micro-Grid OEM Services VFD installations of all types, including well or water control, and tank management

Metering station builds, maintenance, and upgrades

Industrial plant, Power or Terminal Station, and well site electrical troubleshooting

Arc Flash & Power Systems Analysis

Electrical installation and service

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