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SCADA Systems

You need up-to-date analytics and intuitive dashboards to manage and measure your system performance. Strata provides experienced SCADA solutions that allow you to monitor and control assets remotely and capture historical information.

SCADA Systems

Industrial processes are becoming more and more automated. Strata understands the impact technological advancements have on O&G, industrial, municipal, and commercial operations and can provide turnkey SCADA implementation. We can also supplement your team and provide SCADA system technical expertise.

Our engineers are well versed across multiple industrial SCADA systems and HMI software packages in the market.

Our Solutions Include

CygNet, Geo SCADA, AVEVA, Ignition, VTSCADA, ICONICS, Telvent, among other software platforms

OPC Servers – Kepware, AUTOSOL, Matrikon

Telemetry and Radio Communication networks

Setup Control Room and SCADA Networking Domain with Redundancy

Controller and Development Stations

Security and Backup/Restore systems

Web and Mobile Server

Text/Email redirections and WIN-911 call setup

Control Room Management Support per PHMSA Regulations and Guidelines

API RP 1165 – Pipeline SCADA Displays and other industry HMI standards

API RP 1130 – Computational Pipeline Monitoring for Liquids

API RP 1167 – Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management (Alarm Management and Rationalization)

Systems Integration & Data On-the-Go

SCADA automation has completely transformed the face of industrial processes. Previous generations of SCADA systems are now at the mercy of newer generation technology. In the landscape of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data needs to be managed at higher levels of complexity and speed, while also requiring improved security and scalability.

Integrating SCADA data with other business intelligence systems is essential for data management across multiple disciplines. Our Project Management teams create browser-based HMI screens that size to fit various devices to keep in the know from anywhere you go. We also offer advanced wireless architectures that can provide high-speed data transfer, further cost-effectively expanding the systems’ scope.

Areas of SCADA implementation:
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Power Generation
Our expertise includes:
  • Measurement accounting systems – PGAS, Flowcal
  • Data visualization and analytics – PI Process Book, Spotfire
  • Asset management – leak detection (Atmos Leak), cathodic protection
  • Geographic information systems – ArcGIS
Reporting - Report generation assists with compliance and adds operational value. Strata empowers our clients with:

  • Operational Reports
  • Mass Balances
  • Leak Detection
  • Line Pack/Unpack
  • Pigging Calculator
  • Nominations Scheduling – Forecasting, target rate per production time left
  • Producer/Residue Daily Deviance
  • Daily/Monthly Statements
  • Optimization and Production KPIs
  • Maintenance Reports
    • Compressor Run/Downtime
    • Compliance Reports – Alarms KPIs and Workload Studies

    Challenge Us

    Strata Innovative Solutions’ SCADA experts are ready to take on your challenges and automation.

    Strata Innovative Solutions leverages Industry 4.0 Principles to deliver key integration technologies and connected solutions that scale across your organization

    Our engineering teams bring a deep understanding of the process, agile engineering, and systems integration that speeds your efficiencies and reduces costs.

    Strata’s advanced capabilities offer our customers unique advantages from edge to cloud across different departments and industries. The capacity to make confident decisions begins at data collection across platforms – Big Data, and developing analytics around it – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is essential for helping your organization acclimate and thrive—even as circumstances change rapidly. Strata Innovative Solutions enables your organization to report and share business intelligence with an on-premise or Cloud BI System that transforms data into actionable information and delivers it at scale to the people who need it - anytime and anywhere – while keeping cybersecurity at the forefront.

    Engineering Solutions

    Optimize your enterprise: Empower your teams. Gather Better Data. Drive Smarter Decisions. All with the help of our dedicated and unparalleled workforce.

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    Technical Services

    On-call or embedded technical support performing exceptional service from the field or the corporate office – Our dynamic team is here for you.

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    Power Distribution

    Our safety-focused teams are poised to deploy and provide assistance nationwide – constructing and upholding superior overhead and underground distribution systems.

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