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Safety is the top priority for our crews, leaving no detail of a power line job unplanned. This attention to detail allows our teams the reassurance they need to complete a project and when they are called upon to provide essential relief during a natural disaster.


Our multiple teams are poised to deploy assistance nationwide. We construct and uphold superior overhead and underground distribution systems for urban and rural cooperatives and serve municipalities and utility companies. We build, expand, and maintain every phase of electrical distribution systems. We are here to support your power line needs.

Our Engineering, Substation & Plant Facility Services encompass a range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients in diverse sectors. We specialize in low, medium, and high-voltage installations and testing, ensuring that every project meets stringent quality and safety standards. From new electrical construction and engineering to essential electrical upgrades and expansions, our team is equipped to enhance and optimize your facility’s performance. Our services also include thorough troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance to minimize downtime and maintain operational efficiency. We offer expert project and construction management to oversee projects from conception to completion, ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, we provide ground grids and connections along with resistance testing to ensure the integrity and safety of your electrical systems. 

Nationwide Storm Restoration & Disaster Response

Crews & equipment quickly mobilized for Hurricane, Tornado, and Snow/Ice Storms Floods, & Natural Disasters


Distribution Services

Overhead Capabilities:
  • Overhead Distribution construction, wire stringing, pole setting
  • Storm & fiber make ready
  • Reconductor & ongoing maintenance
  • Line relocations & upgrades
  • Wire, cable installs, splicing
Underground Capabilities:
  • Trenching
  • Wire placement
  • Cable splicing
  • System repairs
  • Duct vault installations

Our Solutions Include

Low, medium, high-voltage, installation & testing

New electrical construction, engineering

Electrical upgrades/expansions on facilities

Troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance

Underground conduit, cable trench

Ground grids/connections, resistance testing


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From power restoration to transmitting power from renewable resources. Strata Innovative Solutions can bring the energy to you.