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Process Engineering & Data Integration

Our experienced engineers provide process solutions that include conceptual design and support with process scale-up through to large-scale commercial manufacturing. Our keen understanding of business systems enables Strata to offer process solutions that support your data collection and management needs and seamless integration with your critical business systems. Strata delivers solutions designed to help you get the most from your IT/OT platforms and optimize your facility, station, or critical site.

At Strata, we have a keen understanding of complex systems that run your connected business. We understand that it is vital to incorporate all of these systems, so data flows effortlessly to provide you real-time access to accurate, complete information for intelligent decision-making. We can also help you ensure that the data is gathered and prearranged in a way that allows for progressive analytics, enabling you to make business decisions about your operations in real-time.

When it comes to data management and business systems integration, our specific services include:

  • Integration to OSI PI, Canary Labs, or SAS Platforms
  • Integration to MES
  • Integration to ERP systems
  • Data import/export for High-Frequency Data Sets
  • OPC communication to any device
  • Batching System MES/ERP Integration
  • Local to DCS or SCADA Integration across the Automation Stack

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