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Instrumentation & Hardware

Strata’s instrumentation team provides various monitoring and control solutions ranging from liquid measurement, High-Speed Counters, Vision systems, chemical sensors, digital microscope, safety, hazardous material, and water management to atmospheric monitoring systems. Strata offers well-rounded, customized solutions for all instrumentation needs with our technicians’ experience, including installing, maintaining, and calibrating a broad range of related equipment.

Additional instrumentation includes:
  • Stainless Steel Tubing Installations
  • Gas Monitoring Systems
  • Single & Multi-Point
  • Wired & Wireless
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Analytical Water Quality
    • pH, Conductivity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Turbidity
    • Chlorine (free and total) & Chlorides
    • Iron, Manganese, & Sulfate
  • Flow Meter Verifications & Calibrations
  • Oil & Gas, NGL, and LACT Systems
  • Pressure
  • Leak Detection Modules
  • Temperature
  • Level Monitor
  • Scales
  • Linear & Rotary Proportional Actuator

All installation, testing, and qualification are directed and managed by Project Management Engineers. Our team will provide support during the initial stages of post start up, ensuring a seamless transition and comprehensive training on your new equipment. We also offer tailored options for different levels of testing and associated documentation packages

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Strata Innovative Solutions leverages Industry 4.0 Principles to deliver key integration technologies and connected solutions that scale across your organization

Our engineering teams bring a deep understanding of the process, agile engineering, and systems integration that speeds your efficiencies and reduces costs.

Strata’s advanced capabilities offer our customers unique advantages from edge to cloud across different departments and industries. The capacity to make confident decisions begins at data collection across platforms – Big Data, and developing analytics around it – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is essential for helping your organization acclimate and thrive—even as circumstances change rapidly. Strata Innovative Solutions enables your organization to report and share business intelligence with an on-premise or Cloud BI System that transforms data into actionable information and delivers it at scale to the people who need it - anytime and anywhere – while keeping cybersecurity at the forefront.

Engineering Solutions

Optimize your enterprise: Empower your teams. Gather Better Data. Drive Smarter Decisions. All with the help of our dedicated and unparalleled workforce.

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Technical Services

On-call or embedded technical support performing exceptional service from the field or the corporate office – Our dynamic team is here for you.

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Power Distribution

Our safety-focused teams are poised to deploy and provide assistance nationwide – constructing and upholding superior overhead and underground distribution systems.

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