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Electrical Services

 Whether you need an extra hand to complete an individual project or want peace of mind in knowing you have on-call support in a crisis, our team has the technical background and local knowledge to run and maintain operations in the field or at the plant. We provide routine services for installation or electrical work, troubleshooting in solving difficult communication, data collection, and electrical services.

Electrical Services

Strata Innovative Solutions has extensive experience building custom electrical panels and completing electrical installations for low-voltage systems, primary and backup generators, and solar and utility-powered operations. Strata’s electrical team consists of a dynamic group of Electricians and Electrical Engineers that performs various services throughout diverse industries. Our team manages standalone projects and collaborates with our automation, instrumentation, site security, and other Project Stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive package or solution.

Strata’s Engineering Solutions also offers analytical studies that support system planning, reliability, and protective-device coordination with trusted partners and teams who use state-of-the-art technology, replicas, and software. Our project management teams apply their understanding throughout all phases of a project life cycle. From electrical equipment recommendations to Arc Flash Study and Power System analysis, the use and application of these studies have resulted in considerable savings for our customers.

Electrical Specialties

Master, journeyman, and apprentice electricians on staff

25+ Years of experience

480V Certifications

Low-, medium- voltage installs

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Whether in a crisis or looking for electrical efficiencies, we are your on-call support team.