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2020 Total Recordable Incident Rate

(National Average: 3.1)

2020 Experience Modifier Rate

(National Average is 1.0)

Hours worked without a lost time incident

At Strata Innovative Solutions, safety is paramount. Our workforce is our most valuable asset, and their safety is our highest priority. We mandate and prioritize our strong safety program, protecting our field personnel, partners, and clients from workplace accidents.


Our highly trained safety managers provide our people with the equipment and working conditions needed to efficiently and safely perform their very best work. Because we hold ourselves responsible for safeguarding the workplace, you can be assured that your project will be completed incident-free, eliminating costly interruptions and liability exposure.

Safety as a Value. Strata has instituted “Safety as a Value” as its philosophy. This premise indicates that safety is not a priority, which is subject to change; it is a value ingrained in how we conduct our business and live our lives. Safety is never compromised. We expect complete dedication from all employees to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions, regardless of any other factor.

Strata believes all work can be done incident-free, and we expect and demand complete dedication from all employees to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions. Work STOPS whenever a problem arises. Strata employees are expected to stop any task that is unsafe or unclear to any employee.

Our safety records, awards, and stats are evidence of the importance we put on our safety practices. We start and continue extensive safety training, which is carried through our project planning. Safety is the first topic of discussion during any group meeting.

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