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Empowering Programmers of All Levels

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Strata delivers a unique experience for industrial automation technicians with a streamlined application.

Strata debuts a remarkable control solution that seamlessly integrates IT & OT, enabling users to easily manage and automate their industrial control systems. This proprietary application empowers traditional and nontraditional programmers using a modular programming method that reveals the outcomes of all configurations.

Well-Site Automation
StrataVu was developed to empower programmers of all levels and improve real-time control for edge devices. The application is a solution that places digital well site control in the hands of operators – without driving up costs associated with expensive, custom programming. The solution supports integration with field devices, legacy PLC systems, software applications, remote equipment, and cloud services for big data analytics and predictive maintenance.

Advanced Technology
With over 25 years of experience in wellhead/tank battery automation and control systems – StrataVu was developed for the groov EPIC System, the world’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller, from Opto 22. StrataVu can be tailored to meet specific application needs while leveraging the groov EPIC’s memory, control capability, and extensive security features. Opto 22 is renowned for its quality and reliability, as all its products are manufactured and tested in the US. Visit to learn more.

“We are thrilled that Strata Innovation Solutions has selected the robust, open-architecture Opto 22 groov EPIC platform as the industrial hardware platform for their innovative StratuVu software, said Benson Hougland, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy for Opto 22. ”StrataVu software delivers a unique experience for industrial automation technicians to streamline application development and manage their projects, particularly for edge-oriented applications in the energy industry like tank management and well pad controls.”

Safeguard Industrial Operations
One of the many reasons StrataVu was created for groov EPIC is its secure industrial ecosystem with multiple layers of protection, for example, multi-threaded process flowcharts, industrial control languages, and custom applications with secure shell access (SSH). These security measures help prevent cyber breaches and protect your industrial operations from threats. With this secure foundation, companies can focus on expanding their operations while maintaining peace of mind!

User-Friendly System
The features that make StrataVu an ideal solution are its configuration-based operating system and user-friendly cause-and-effect application:
• Easily configure control for oil and gas production; scalable from single to multi-well facilities
• Monitor flow rates, temperature/pressure, liquid levels, and much more
• Manage protocols for wells and tanks with a standardized yet configurable program
• Manage high-resolution trending data from a SQL database
• Receive automatic notifications or alarms and manage shut-ins remotely
• Improve safety and communication with mobile connectivity

Rapid Deployment
StrataVu stands out from traditional industrial controllers with its quick lead times and efficient deployment. In a fraction of the time, you can have StrataVu up and running, compared to the months it typically takes for other solution providers. This accelerated integration lets companies enjoy the benefits of optimizing their operations without lengthy delays.

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