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Your team is looking for a line of lightweight, low-cost products designed specifically for implanting into field and OEM devices at the edge of your network. Technology Teams are searching for more accessible and more affordable Edge Devices that extend to the edge of their network.

Our team at Strata Innovative Solutions offers a holistic vendor-agnostic approach to Edge Device deployment and integration with critical factors in mind:

  • Edge products work on any version of Windows and OSX, Linux, and more, so you can install them on virtually any industrial device. With support for ARM processors, most edge devices can also run on the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.
  • Our design approach considers work on central servers and deployed out to multiple clients. Choices of products are designed to be installed on devices at the edge of the network. Leveraging edge and SCADA systems together, you can build scalable and affordable enterprise-wide systems.
  • We deliver easy PLC connection, devices equipped with OPC-UA along with the Modbus, Siemens, and Allen-Bradley suite of drivers. Other drivers supported by Edge Devices include protocols such as DNP3 or MQTT.
  • Access Edge Applications from nearly any device with mobile deployment, including HTML5 based web publishing and runtimes for Windows and Linux. This includes the integration of platform-agnostic environments that make it easy to integrate data sources and hardware from almost any vendor.

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