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PADPro® Qualified Support

PADPro® was a complete solution well-pad management tool powered by the Schneider Electric SCADAPack 300 series hardware. Unfortunately, the SCADAPack 300 series hardware will no longer be manufactured after June 30, 2023, and the end of service is June 30, 2028. Existing PADPro customers can upgrade now to the new revolutionary StrataVu or continue using PADPro until resources become obsolete. 

We are here to support your business goals, whether maintaining your PADPro as long as possible or upgrading to StrataVu.



Our Commitment to You 

We understand that this announcement presents challenges for our PADPro customers. Strata is committed to continue servicing and troubleshooting the PADPro product as long as supplies are available.

For any further questions or concerns about the Schneider Electric announcement and the end of service for the SCADAPack 300 series, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upgrade to StrataVu

StrataVu is our new solution for reliable well-pad management and is the perfect upgrade for the SCADAPack 300 series. Developed for the groov EPIC System, the world’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller, StrataVu is our proprietary application that empowers program engineers and non-traditional programmers such as Automation Technicians, to create solutions. 

We understand that this end-of-life announcement might be difficult for our customers, and we want to help ease the transition by offering personalized help.

Learn more about the revolutionary benefits of StrataVu.

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