Apex Energy Replaces End-of-Life System for Improved Data

StrataVu and groov EPIC secure a flexible future

for Oil & Gas production

Embedded Team

Apex Energy well pad pictured above.

In this case study, Opto22 delves into the journey of Apex Energy as it transitions from an end-of-life system to a modern and efficient solution. With the help of StrataVu and the groov EPIC system, Apex Energy was able to revolutionize its data collection processes and adopt innovative programming techniques. This transformation enhanced their hardware selection and unlocked the benefits of a Linux OS, diverse I/O protocols, and robust memory capabilities.

Read more to explore how this transition helped Apex Energy improve its operations, demonstrating StrataVu’s expertise in system integration: Case Study: Apex Energy Replaces End-of-Life System for Improved Data

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