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Midstream Company Benefits from Embedded Team - Strata Innovative Solutions

Midstream Company Benefits from Embedded Team

Before you invest in a big-ticket solution, ask an engineering expert for a simple answer. Our Appalachian client did, and this story demonstrates how the right partnership can benefit your organization, motivating you to consider using an embedded workforce structure in the future.

Embedded Team
Embedded Strata Engineer Identifies Solution to Systemic Communication Failures
A leading midstream company with substantial assets scattered throughout the American Northeast found itself facing numerous communication failures with its field devices. Early diagnosis blamed the trouble on the communication network. However, before a substantial investment was made to upgrade the network, an embedded Strata Engineer identified that the most efficient and cost-effective solution would be to modify settings and scripting within the existing ClearSCADA system.
Embedded Contractors Quickly and Efficiently Support Your Project
With decades of experience in both upstream and midstream processes, Strata’s dedicated workforce provides clients with access to affordable engineering consultation and expert advice when needed.

No need to build out a large engineering department. Hire an embedded engineer or team of engineers for short-term or long-term projects, eliminating the hassle of recruiting and training a full-time team. It also reduces costs associated with paying benefits, purchasing equipment and ensures issues that may impede safety are kept at bay.

Learn More About Strata’s Professional Workforce
Strata Innovative Solutions’ embedded Engineers have been instrumental in providing:

  • Set up of SCADA, information and management systems for regulatory compliance and audits
  • Set up of primary and backup control centers
  • General cleanup and functionality improvements on existing systems
  • Migration management of legacy systems to new systems
  • Development of HMI screens and additional system dashboards per industry standards
  • Set up for production reports and analytical tools for efficient operations
  • Implementation of various projects utilizing newer protocols such as DNP3 and integration of SCADA data into business intelligence systems

Apart from understanding the ClearSCADA for SCADA systems, Strata Innovative Solutions also has extensive knowledge of CygNet, Wonderware, VTScada, and Ignition system platforms

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