SQL – The Key to Timely and Affordable Data

Automation and Information – A SQL Success Story

The quicker data is transferred, the faster analytic teams and other stakeholders can uncover mistakes, forecast transaction values, and generate billing.

Strata Innovative Solutions, as a systems integrator, offers a complete automation solution that places SQL at the site, in addition to:

  • Controlling LACT skid processes
  • Measuring fluid transfers between LACT skid, tanks, and trucks
  • Recording detailed information about transactions (e.g., truck driver and shipper info.)

Traditional systems are cumbersome and require trained IT programmers to make simple changes to reports, transactional databases, or system protocols.

When a client approached us for a solution, they were using a leading brand name controller. Their frustration stemmed from their inability to get timely transaction data. In addition, the system was limited: first, it could only hold 30 transaction records, making it challenging to review historical data for analysis; second, the system used proprietary programming language, which required multiple software interfaces and protocol conversions to retrieve the data; and third, given its proprietary nature, it was complicated and costly to modify.

The SQL Solution

Your data collection possibilities are endless by placing a SQL database at a LACT unit, tank battery, truck station or terminal.

  • The SQL database holds over 10,000+ transaction records, retrievable via a simple SQL data query
  • System data integration is easy; any accounting software that understands SQL can access the database
  • It runs without multiple “translators” like OPC servers or SCADA systems – providing access to information on demand
C-Level to Field Level Operators Sing SQL’s Praises

The Strata solution is managed at the corporate admin level. Changes are pushed to the site system by a quick configuration, making it easy to manage changes in the hauler, producer, driver, production information, and more.

No more mediators! The solution is:

  • Easier to maintain, change, or configure
  • Manageable by personnel at the corporate level
  • More straightforward, because non-programmers can make changes
  • Relevant, as MS-Excel reports are pulled from the historic OR dynamic detail
Old News is Simply Bad Reporting

Our clients demand better reporting. Obtaining transaction data is complex and involves much manual entry and complicated software programming conversions to get the data to integrate with back-office systems. Integrating both manual and digital data takes a long time to get figures from the field to the corporate office. Plus, missing or suspect data has to be verified before transposing it into reports. Reporting could take up to 30 days following the transaction.

This old process impacts analysts, accountants, and automation technicians in the field. Changes made at the corporate level don’t reach the field quickly because of proprietary programming. Our client consistently had issues with keeping accurate records of current haulers. Changes driven at the Corporate level weren’t making it down to the field system. Field techs were forced to either call the home office to verify the change or manually enter the information on a paper transaction ticket, where it would later have to be verified by the home office.

Strata has been integrating the QLogiX and PADPro® solutions successfully in the market for many years. We use patented technology provides transaction data in real-time. As petroleum products or water transfers from one owner to another, it digitally records the activity and data in as much detail as you desire, dynamically. For more information or to see a demonstration of how our solution works, please call us.

The Bottom Line

The petroleum industry has producers and operators not getting timely data from their LACT, tank, and truck custody transfers.

The chart shown demonstrates the potential ROI you may see with the Strata solution. These figures are conjecture but representative of the savings some of our clients have experienced.

Data Chart

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