Upgrades to the City of Stanton Water Management Facility

Water Waste Water

Equipment upgrades to optimize water treatments and upgrades to safety and alarm systems

As part of the City of Stanton Water Management Facility Upgrade, Strata Innovative Solutions replaced an obsolete Siemens Equipment with an Allen Bradley PLC with the latest firmware and an Allen Bradley HMI. The replaced Allen Bradley mimicked the Control Philosophy of the Siemens PLC based on the available documentation and upgraded the safety systems and alarms.

Strata also added additional functionality to make the system operator-friendly. Our team upgraded the network from a Cellular network to a Data-Only network to better connect the PLC and the SCADA system. With more remote monitoring capabilities, the only time the operators have to worry about the facility is if an event needs their attention while resetting the system remotely during minor occurrences. We utilized MQTT to connect to the SCADA system to generate daily reports, alarm callouts, and data historians.

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