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Solving Plant Floor Issues allows Stata to deliver real Digital Transformation that is the transformation of Business Processes and consuming real-time data generated by our clients in order to uncover and create competitive advantages and add value.

The Challenge

WestRock is a paper and packaging leader and an innovator producing game-changing developments in papermaking, packaging design, and retail solutions, as well as strategically building and strengthening their packaging capabilities. With operations worldwide and expertise in every shopping category, WestRock needs to focus on providing an unbeatable portfolio of paper and packaging products and limiting any downtime, shutdowns, or issues impacting key plant floor equipment.

WestRock needed an Integrator who could bring years of experience to quickly solve issues on the plant floor while simultaneously providing electrical, automation, and integration expertise that created a holistic approach. Our team ensured WestRock kept its challenging production and delivery schedule for packaging and other products on demand.

The Right Integrator – All Integrators are not created equal

Founded in 1997, we are an engineering and product systems integrator with experience solving business issues for Manufacturing Clients who need to drive value from plant floor operations and provide direct boots on the ground support anywhere in the automation stack from the device, machine, sensor, or system level up to the PLC and into the SCADA, MES or local Control System with the knowledge and expertise to integrate the plant floor to key ERP, Database, or Business Intelligence System.

Over the last twenty years, we’ve grown to become a trusted resource to companies throughout the nation. We integrate connected technologies with production equipment and business systems to streamline processes, increase communication, and add value to your organization

Adaptability on the Plant Floor

The WestRock Team initially needed direct boots on the ground for essential equipment typical of their BOD. (Box on Demand) Plant sites. They also needed a one-stop Integrator that could adapt quickly to WestRock’s Operational Strategy with equipment and plant floor expansions that included automation and control systems growth. The Strata Team began solving operational issues on the plant floor with straightforward solutions like:

  • Deliver boots on the ground electrical and control system support for key OEM onsite equipment and controllers
  • Increase and integrate the Power Load Center for WestRock’s Box Making Operation and Machines
  • Provide direct onsite support and maintenance for Servo, Stacking, Material Handling, and Palletizing Systems
  • Service and support WestRock’ s Banding, Starch Batching, and specialized Dust Collection Systems
  • Direct Plant Floor Support for low and medium voltage electrical construction and upgrade projects to include control systems integration

The Strata Team delivered even more expertise in Technology and Engineering Services to integrate new technologies to meet WestRock’s demand for sustainable and customizable solutions for their Box on Demand requirements. Solving issues on the plant floor meant providing a comprehensive solution from the plant floor and machine level into the Enterprise with Security and Business Intelligence in mind. The simple boots-on-the-ground approach brought about new opportunities to ensure growth in value for WestRock and Trust for the Strata Team.

The Strata Team has uncovered some key opportunities on the horizon as a preferred vendor to WestRock:

  •  Electrical Construction Projects with Load Center and Plant Expansion
  • Vision and Camera System Integration for Security and Quality
  • SCADA/MES System Integration with Data Collection and Business Intelligence
  • New and Legacy Equipment Integration with Maintenance Management System
WestRock Adding Value and Driving Competitive Advantage

Being on the plant floor essentially places Strata Innovative Solutions on the “frontline” of industrial challenges for our clients. This perspective allows us to provide boots-on-the-ground experts and deliver additional resources when your plant needs to adapt to new demands or changing productivity.

Solving Plant Floor issues allows the Stata Team to deliver real Digital Transformation ultimately, the transformation of Business Processes and consuming real-time data generated by our clients to uncover and create competitive advantages and add value across the plant floor. Let us know how we can help your team bring real value that starts on the plant floor.

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