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Logistics & Supply Chain

Manufacturers experience everything from market swings in consumer demand or challenges in resource availability, so there is a need to reduce outdated or siloed data. The removal of manual processes allows organizations to act and respond quickly and be on time to deliver their product or service.

Food Supply Chain and Traceability

Technology advancements go beyond tracking a product from beginning to end. Food & Beverage Processing and packaging facilities are saddled with public health responsibility, and on rare occasions, contaminations happen. Tracing where and when a consumable product was delivered and sold is a legal requirement and a safety measure that companies must invest time and money.

Integrated Digital Supply Chain or Robotics Solutions from the Strata Team gives you the efficiency to manage goods across warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution with proven technologies at every level of the Automation Stack, including ERP or MES integration..

Oil & Gas

A trusted partner in the Oil & Gas industry. Whether onshore or offshore, brownfield or greenfield, we are here to support you with technology, resources, and solutions.

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Water & Waste Water

Mindful of the challenges faced by today’s public and municipal water/wastewater authorities, Strata provides sustainable approaches to managing one of the planet’s most precious resources.

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Strata is here to support the infrastructure of organizations responsible for distributing energy such as electricity, natural gas, and water across the nation.

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Manufacturing automation and flexible operations with turnkey solutions to maximize your efficiencies and control costs.

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When renewable energy is more efficient, it leads to significant reductions in primary energy. With real-time development, clients can make decisions based on consumption, market trends, and weather uncertainties.

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Removing manual processes allows organizations to act and respond quickly and efficiently to deliver their product or service across various industries.

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