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Powerline in Action: Providing Safety and Stability - Strata Innovative Solutions

Powerline in Action:

Providing Safety and Stability

At Strata Innovative Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the complex challenges of the powerline industry with unmatched precision and strategic insight. Our recent collaboration with Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PEC) on a critical new installation project showcases our comprehensive capabilities to ensure a reliable community power supply.

Embedded Team

Project Overview

Under the seasoned leadership of Dylan Smith, our General Foreman with over a decade of experience, our team mastered an intricate installation process. The task involved sagging a line connected to a junction pole about 75 feet above ground. This technical operation was crucial for integrating more than three miles of powerline to a junction pole, a key component in the distribution network for feeding over 500 homes and several local businesses.

Protection at all phases

In the dynamic and hazard-prone field of powerline work, the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cannot be overstated. For professionals like Dylan Smith, who engage in this critical and demanding job, wearing the appropriate PPE is a regulatory requirement and a vital safeguard against the risks inherent to their work environment.

Dylan Smith’s PPE ensemble and surrounding setup are meticulously chosen to provide comprehensive protection without compromising the agility and comfort necessary for his tasks. His gear includes:

  • The helmet is designed to protect against electrical hazards and falling objects to guard against debris and arc flash incidents, common in powerline work.
  • Highly Dielectric, Insulated Rubber: Lineman gloves are primarily made from highly dielectric, strong, insulated rubber. This rubber provides electrical insulation, protecting linemen from electric shocks while working with live electrical equipment. Lineman gloves are typically worn with leather protectors. These leather gloves serve as an additional layer of protection, safeguarding the rubber gloves from abrasion, cuts, and punctures. When working on energized electrical lines and equipment, these gloves protect linemen from electric shock and burn.
  • Rubber Insulating Sleeves: Similar to gloves, these sleeves are insulating rubber. When in good condition and properly used, they protect the wearer from serious injury, death, and the potential danger of electrical shock and burns. Linemen wear these sleeves to cover their arms and provide additional insulation. The sleeves are crucial when working on or near energized conductors and equipment.
  • Flame-Resistant Clothing: Given the risk of arc flashes and electrical fires, Dylan wears flame-resistant garments that can significantly reduce the severity of burns and injuries in such incidents. These garments are made from self-extinguished materials, offering an additional layer of safety.
  • Safety Glasses: Safety glasses offer protection against particulate matter, ensuring that Dylan’s eyes are shielded from macro and microscopic debris.
  • Dielectric Boots: These specialized boots are made from non-conductive materials, providing insulation from the ground to protect against electric shock. The soles also offer enhanced traction to prevent slips and fall from heights or on slick surfaces.

Each piece of PPE worn by Dylan Smith is selected based on comprehensive safety standards and guidelines, such as those provided by OSHA, to address the unique challenges posed by powerline work. This careful selection ensures that workers like Dylan are not only compliant with safety regulations but are also afforded the best possible protection against daily occupational hazards.

The Strata Innovative Solutions Advantage

This project is a testament to Strata Innovative Solutions’ deep industry expertise, commitment to safety and efficiency, and ability to execute high-stakes projects flawlessly. Our partnership with PEC showcases our collaborative approach, combining our strengths to serve the community better and enhance power supply solutions’ reliability.

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Strata Innovative Solutions is dedicated to advancing the powerline industry through innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and a focus on delivering exceptional results. We extend our gratitude to our team, led by Dylan Smith, and our partners at PEC for their collaboration and shared vision in powering progress.

Strata Innovative Solutions remains at the forefront of powerline support, committed to delivering solutions that power progress, enhance safety, and ensure the reliability of our communities’ power supply. Contact us today to discover how our expertise, strategic partnerships, and commitment to excellence can benefit your project or community.

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